Dr. rer.nat. Stefan H. Fuss, Associate Professor

Mailing Address:
Bogaziçi University
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
North Campus, Kuzey Park, KP 317
34342 Bebek - Istanbul

Tel.: +90 (212) 359 7229
Fax: +90 (212) 287 2468
email: stefan.fuss@boun.edu.tr

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Postdoctoral training

  • 2002 - 2007, The Rockefeller University, New York
    Laboratory of Developmental Biology and Neurogenetics
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Mombaerts
  1. Characterization of the Grüneberg ganglion as a novel olfactory organ in the mouse
  2. The septal organ as a model for odorant receptor gene choice
  3. Functional characterization of the H region and its contribution to the mechanism of odorant receptor gene choice

Awards / Grants

  • The Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship (2002),
    The Rockefeller University.
  • F.M. Kirby Foundation Fellowship (2005)
  • NIH grant 1 R03 DC007975-01A1 (2006)
    National Institute of Health / National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders
    "Regulation of SR1 odorant receptor gene expression"
  • Bogaziçi University Research Fund - BAP07H111 (2007)
    "Regulation of odorant receptor gene choice in zebrafish"
  • TÜBİTAK - 107T760 (2008)
    "A conditional transgenic approach to odorant receptor gene regulation in zebrafish"
  • Bogaziçi University Research Fund - BAP09B105P (2009)
    "Mechanisms of odorant receptor co-expression"
  • German Federal Republic BMZ (2009)
    "Regulation der Expression von sensorischen Rezeptorgenen im visuellen und olfaktorischen Nervensystem"
    Sachmittelprogramm für Hochschulen in Entwicklungsländern (DAAD / BMZ) / Equipment Donation
    Leica CM3050S Cryostat
  • European Commission, 7th Framework Program (2009)
    Project Coordinator MBG-BRIDGE
    "Strengthening the Research Capacity of Bogazici University MBG (Istanbul) through local Initiatives and through transnational Interactions."
  • Bogaziçi University Research Fund - BAP5791 (2010)
    "Birth and migration of olfactory sensory neurons."

Professional Activities

Paper / Grant Review

  • ad hoc reviewer for Developmental Biology
  • ad hoc reviewer for Chemical Senses
  • ad hoc reviewer for PLOS Biology
  • ad hoc reviewer for Neurosignals
  • ad hoc grant reviewer for: National Science Foundation (NSF), USA
  • ad hoc grant reviewer for: The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
  • ad hoc grant reviewer for: The Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)


  • Bayramlı X, Kocagöz Y, Sakızlı U, and Fuss SH (2017)
    Patterened Arrangements of Olfactory Receptor Gene Expression in Zebrafish are Established by Radial Migration of Specified Olfactory Sensory Neurons.
    Scientific Reports, 7:5572-87doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-06041-1.
  • Fuss SH, Zhu Y, Mombaerts P (2013)
    Odorant receptor gene choice and axonal wiring in mice with deletion mutations in the odorant receptor gene SR1.
    Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, doi: 10.1016/j.mcn.2013.05.002.
  • Kuser-Abali G, Ozcan F, Ugurlu A, Uysal A, Fuss SH, and Bugra-Bilge K. (2013)
    SIK2 Is Involved in the Negative Modulation of Insulin-Dependent Muller Cell Survival and implicated in Hyperglycemia Induced Cell Death.
    Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci., doi: 10.1167/iovs.12-10729.
  • Genc S, Zadeogullari Z, Fuss SH, Genc K. (2012)
    The adverse effects of air pollution on the nervous system.
    J Toxicology, 2012:782462.
  • Bayramli X and Fuss SH. (2012)
    Born to run: patterning the Drosophila olfactory system.
    Developmental Cell, 22:240-241.
  • Grosmaitre X, Fuss SH, Lee AC, Adipietro KA, Matsunami H, Mombaerts P, and Ma M (2009)
    SR1, a Mouse Odorant Receptor with an Unusually Broad Response Profile
    J Neurosci, 29: 14545-14552.
  • Bozza T, Vassalli A, Fuss S, Zhang JJ, Weiland B, Pacifico R, Feinstein, P, and Mombaerts P (2009) Mapping of Class I and Class II Odorant Receptors to Glomerular Domains by Two Distinct Types of Olfactory Sensory Neurons in the Mouse.
    Neuron, 61(2):220-233.
  • Fuss SH, and Ray A. (2009) Mechanisms of odorant receptor gene choice in Drosophila and vertebrates.
    Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 41:101-112.
  • Fuss SH, Omura M, and Mombaerts P (2007) Local and cis effects of the H element on expression of odorant receptor genes in mouse.
    Cell, 130:373-384.
  • Fuss S, Celik A, Desplan C (2007)
    Olfactory identity kicked up a NOTCH.
    Nat Neurosci, 10:138-140
  • Fuss SH, Omura M, and Mombaerts P (2005) The Grueneberg ganglion of the mouse projects axons to glomeruli in the olfactory bulb.
    Eur J Neurosci, 22:2649-2654.
  • Çelik A, Fuss SH, Korsching SI (2002) Selective targeting of zebrafish olfactory receptor neurons by the endogenous OMP promoter.
    Eur J Neurosci, 15:798-806.
  • Fried HU, Fuss SH, Korsching SI (2002) Selective imaging of presynaptic activity in the mouse olfactory bulb shows concentration and structure dependence of odor responses in identified glomeruli.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 99:3222-3227.
  • Fuss SH, Korsching SI (2001) Odorant feature detection: activity mapping of structure response relationships in the zebrafish olfactory bulb.
    J Neurosci, 21:8396-8407.

  • Courses

    • 2012
      BIO-342 - Physiology I
      BIO-432 - Physiology II
      BIO-407 - Seminar
      BIO-590 - Genes, Brains, and Behavior
    • 2011
      BIO-432 - Physiology II
      BIO-342 - Physiology I
      BIO-104 - General Biology II
    • 2010
      BIO-590 - Genes, Brains, and Behavior
      BIO-432 - Physiology II
      BIO-342 - Physiology I
    • 2009
      BIO-407 - Seminar
      BIO-432 - Physiology II
      BIO-104 - General Biology II
      BIO-342 - Physiology I
      BIO-104 - General Biology II
    • 2008
      BIO-104 - General Biology II
      BIO-432 - Physiology II
      BIO-342 - Physiology I
      BIO-582 - Molecular Neurobiology
    • 2007
      BIO-342 - Physiology I
      BIO-401 - Molecular Biology I
      BIO-432 - Physiology II

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