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Senselab welcomes new members

We are looking for talented young scientists (PhD) to join our team!
Please contact us at and

welcome to:
Miguel - FLYlab
Hilal - FLYlab
Şiran - FISHlab
Aysu - FISHlab

paper published

  • Şahin HB, Sayın S, Holder M, Buğra K, and Çelik A (2020) Salt Inducible Kinases as Novel Notch Interactors in the Developing Drosophila Retina. PLoS One, 15(6): e0234744
  • Terzioğlu Kara E, Kıral FR, Öztürk Çolak A, and Çelik A (2020) Generation and characterization of inner photoreceptor‐specific enhancer‐trap lines using a novel piggyBac‐Gal4 element in Drosophila. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology, 104(2):e21675
  • Senselab welcomes new special project students

    Arda Ergönen - FISHlab
    Ezgi Şenoğlu - FISHlab
    Fadime Gencer - FLYlab


    Congratulations !!!

    İbrahim defended his MSc thesis today.
    Well done.

    New Logo


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